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SCALE UP with the Cash Conversion Cycle

I facilitate planning retreats every week and I’m always fascinated by the concept of the CASH CONVERSION CYCLE and how it engages every person in the room. Typically, the concept of cash is left to the business owner and the Controller and/or CFO. Cash is like oxygen for the business.  Without it, the business simply dies. So the question is “how can we generate as much cash as possible to fuel... read more

5 Ways to Increase Profit This Year

Your company is growing, your team is adding clients and your net income is growing in terms of total dollars – but not in terms of net-income percentage. Companies that are growing and really focused on client acquisition usually see negative pressure on net-income percentage – much to the CEO’s frustration. Get Busy Here are some things you can do RIGHT NOW to grow revenue AND grow net-income percentage.... read more

Win With Awareness and Focus

I’m just beginning to mountain bike race again after recovering from a second neck surgery. Rather than restarting in a class better suited for my racing re-entry point, I have chosen to line up against the top Pro/Elite racers in the region. These dudes are FIT and FAST…. “dialed-in” as we like to say in the mountain bike racing world. Last week was my third race back in the... read more

Being a Good Vendor

At 32 Fish we work with companies who use our skill-sets to approach and introduce their brands to new and potential clients. Although these companies vary, they all seem to share one key item.   When giving them the choice of being referred to as a “Vendor” or “Partner”, they will almost always choose being called a Partner. In fact, the companies that chase this the most have taken to... read more

Task Culture

Salespeople have it rough. We have to take products we didn’t invent, services we don’t completely understand, and ideas that are not our own, and convince people it is the best thing to buy in that category. Oh…and we have to do it while reading a script we didn’t write. Also, in an environment with other people, who would love nothing more than to have a little piece of... read more

ABC: Past vs. Present

ABC: 1992=Always Be Closing 2015=Appropriate Behavior Closing Some of the major developments to “sales teams philosophy” have come from cinema. These sentiments, at the time of their creation and use in film, were aligned with the sales industry. It took, as Baldwin put it, “big brass ones” to be a good salesperson.   From these cinematically inspired days, it became normal to “Always Be Closing”, or to “Act as... read more


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