The Winning Team Builder™


Step 1. The Role Scorecard

Working with your team, we create a role scorecard by determining the b accountabilities and objectives while also clearly defining the role priorities and measurable success outcomes.  We also create a job description that can be used for internal or external recruiting.

Step 2. The Role Benchmark

Once the scorecard has be created, we use a proven process leveraging science to create an ideal candidate benchmark to endure proper fit based on required behaviors, motivators, core skill, and culture fit.  Team and cultural dynamics are integrated into the benchmark to allow for objective evaluations.

Step 3. The Selection Navigator

Once a pool of qualified candidates has been identified, we take the best candidates and match them against the benchmark.  All major role attributes are measured on a red / yellow / green scale to help you decide who the best candidate is.  Based on our expert evaluations, we will be able to provide you insight into how they will impact the role, team and the company.

Step 4. The Results Maximizer

The first 90 days are the most critical time for any new hire – for both the new employee and the manager.  Getting aligned and syncronized quickly is mission critical.  We we lead coaching calls with the new hire and manager at the 30, 60 and 90 day marks to help drive results.